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Current Economic Trends: The Green Book

The Korean economy has seen industrial production improve for two months in a row. However, investment and consumption has been weak and uncertainties are increasing amid the trade conflict between the US and China.  The economy added 106,000 jobs year-on-year in June led by the service sector. Job markets remained weak due to the struggling manufacturing sector and decreasing working age population. Young adult unemployment fell (10.4% → 9.0%, down 1.4%p, y-o-y). Consumer prices rose 1.5 percent year-on-year in June. Consumer prices held steady (up 1.5% → up 1.5%, y-o-y, compared with a m...


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Jul 2018

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The Economic Bulletin is a monthly English publication that covers the current status and future outlook of the Korean economy, as well as key economic policies and indicators. By sharing such information with foreign residents in Korea and international opinion leaders, the Economic Bulletin aims to generate a greater international level of understanding on the Korean economy.